Table Top Cash Cube Rental

Whether your collecting new leads at a trade show, hosting a grand opening event at a new location, or just want to get attention our Table Top Cash Cube will drive people to your location or promotion and have them lining up to participate.

When the Cash Cube is at an event, crowds will gather around and everyone will be interacting waiting for their chance at winning.

The Cash Cube can be filled with money, coupons, raffle tickets, gift certificates or any other light weight, paper type items. Participant will have a short pre-determined time to grab as much loot as they can with one hand before the timer runs out.

Our Cash Cube is a smaller, more portable version then traditional walk-in type booths. You won't have to worry about excessive delivery charges or limited space issues as our machine can fit almost anywhere there is access to a regular outlet. Our smaller machine will give your participants the same experience as a larger one and a smaller unit means less cash or other prizes to add.


cashcube        cashcube2